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System 2000

System 1000 System 2000

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Energy Management Systems


System 2000 Standard Features


Indoor Display Panel:  Places vital control and information at your fingertips.  Displays the demand limit, current demand, last period average, peak period average, and override status.

Real Time Clock/Timers:  Allows some or all controlled loads to be scheduled on or off during preselected hours.  If your utility offers a discount on demand during off peak hours, a timer may be used to increase your demand limit during those hours.  In the even of a power outage the correct time and scheduling will be maintained by a high quality battery backup.

Permanent Memory:  State-of-the-art EEPROM (electrically erasable programmable memory) is used to preserve critical information in the even of a power interruption.  No batteries required.

Load Status Indicator Lights:  Indicate at a glance which appliances have been shed (power shut off), and which have power available.

Adjustment in Tenths of Kilowatts:   Allows you to make changes and receive information to the tenth of a kilowatt for settings up to ten KW.  (Settings over 10 KW can be adjusted in half kilowatt increments).

Circuit Override:  Allows you to temporarily change the priority of one or more loads for a period of 6 minutes to 99 hours.  This may prove quite helpful if you need to use an appliance which is currently shed.  You may also choose to disable a load during this cycle.

Programmable ON/OFF Times:  Adjustable on and off times, from on to 15 minutes, add flexibility and efficiency.  Minimum on and off times are factory set at six minutes for compressor protection, but may be adjusted to fit individual applications. 

Choice of Automatic or Manual:  You may choose to have your demand limit adjusted automatically by the computer for seasonal changes, between a maximum and minimum you select, or manually adjust it yourself at will.

Data Lock:  Protects stored data from being inadvertently changed.


Flexible Priority Strategies:  You may assign up to 8 levels of priority to each control point.  Unlimited combinations of fixed and/or rotating load priority groups are selectable to fit the needs of every household.

Individual Control Points:  Eight control points are available.  Individual control points offer the greatest flexibility and convenience.  Up to 16 loads may be controlled with the use of optional relays (2 loads per control point). 

Adjustable Over Limit Alarm:  An alarm will sound to alert you when the demand limit is being exceeded and all controlled devices have been shed.  The tone and volume of the alarm is adjustable, and if you choose it may be turned off.

Programmable Demand Averaging Period:  Averaging periods may be adjusted to 15, 30, or 60 minutes to match your particular utility company.  This will allow for the greatest efficiency in control strategies.

Choice of Enclosed or Open Frame Relays:  The SYSTEM 1000 comes standard with high performance industrial quality enclosed or open frame relays.

Variety of Relay Eclosures:  Options include flush mount, surface mount, hinged, and/or lockable.  Enclosure sizes range from 8 by 10 by 4 to 12 by 24 by 4.

Individual Testing:  Each unit is carefully tested and "burned-in" for reliability and performance.

Compatible With all Heating and Cooling Systems:  Whether you have heat pumps, air conditioners, electric furnaces, baseboard heating, electric boilers, or radiant heat; the SYSTEM 2000 will give you the highest possible performance.

2-5 Years Limited Warranty:  The SYSTEM 2000 comes with a standard two year warranty.  An additional three years of warranty is available at a minimal charge.

UL Listed:  The SYSTEM 2000 meets or exceeds Underwriters Laboratory Inc. requirements.




Display Panel:
Mounting:  Surface (vertical).
Dimensions:  4.75" w x 6.0" h x 1.3" d.
Color and material:  Ivory or gray molded plastic.
Power Requirements:  Class II, 12 VAC, 4 watts, 60Hz.

Typical Relay Enclosures:
Dimensions:  10"w x 12"h x 4.0"d  (Other sizes available).
Enclosure type:  NEMA 3R Rain tight, screw cover.
Operating Temperature:  -40F to +170F .
Power Requirements:  120 VAC, 60Hz.   40 watts maximum, 4 watts standby.
Relays:  Electromechanical.  Two 3 amp pilot-duty SPDT and up to eight 30 amp  1 1/2 HP SPDT  (DPDT optional ).

Current Transformers:
Two ring type with 48" 600 volt leads.
Standard type:  200: 1 amp Class 2  200 amp rating.
Dimensions:  2.4" OD x 1.1" ID x 0.8" width.
(400 and 600 amp ratings also available).

Interconnect Cable:

Cable supplied by others runs between Relay Enclosure and Display Panel.  Require 9 to 20 (18 AWG ) conductors depending on options selected.  Maximum run is 50' using 3128IF interface or 200' using the 3128IF-1 interface card.

 (Specifications subject to change without notice.)


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